Why Engage?

Insular thinking stifles innovation and destroys shareholder value

With over 2,000 executives who have engaged with us over our 10-year history, their stories are the best representations of the value that SVEN brings to the community 

 Why it Matters

For companies:

  • insular thinking stifles innovation and destroys shareholder value
  • being disrupted by new entrants has never been easier
  • windows of market opportunity are shrinking
  • business and digital transformation is necessary to survive
  • continuous innovation is required for long term success

For executives:

  • information and schedule overload make it harder to meet objectives
  • shortage of talent requires new methods and resources to succeed
  • staying relevant requires new skills in a data driven environment
  • career advancement and job assurance do not happen on their own

For companies and regions outside Silicon Valley:

  • global companies need access to leading innovation hubs, and understand how they participate in the innovation ecosystem 
  • regions must enable business and innovation to thrive, and access other leading innovation hubs in the global marketplace

“SVEN has been an invaluable resource for me over the past three years.  I am not a natural networker, but SVEN made it easy for me to immediately connect and create a peer group of executives and leaders in various domains.  I’ve felt the immediate impact in my role as a tech executive, including supportive partnerships to help me recruit talent, provide creative industry ideas and benchmarks, and connect me to specific start-ups to address needs of my company.  I’ve also found the individuals involved to be high-caliber, individually fascinating, and super fun!!”


Head of Global Operations, Facebook

“Innovative businesses require executives to bring new and imaginative perspectives to a rapidly shifting marketplace.  Engaging thought leaders from outside your company to provide input and ideation is necessary to have a material impact to your company’s long term success.  The Silicon Valley Executive Network provides a great avenue to stimulate new thinking and innovation.”


Author, advisor, speaker, and SVEN moderator

“As CEO of SGI (now part of HPE), I utilized the SVEN Strategic Advisory service offering to validate our top line strategy over several years. The feedback and ideation was tremendous, helping refine a number of our roadmaps and strategic plans. The SVEN Advisory Sessions were instrumental in creating some very important partnerships for SGI, and even positioned SGI for its eventual sale to HPE. Companies of all sizes, or business units of mid to large companies, should leverage this kind of brainpower.”


CEO, SGI (former)

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