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Who We Are

The Silicon Valley Executive Network (SVEN) is a private and trusted Human Network and Business Engine.

We are comprised of leading companies and executives who are the core DNA of the innovation ecosystem.

  • founded in 2007 by Silicon Valley natives
  • unparalleled understanding of the innovation ecosystem
  • now 2,000+ senior executives from 400+ companies
  • growing domestically and internationally


CXO / VP Execs & Board Members


Global 2000 Companies

Distinguished Engineers

Tech Companies

R&D / Academic


Emerging Executives

 What We Do

We harness our expansive network, helping companies and executives to:

Accelerate business synergy

Shape strategy & innovation

Clarify emerging trends

Enable key relationships

For companies

Business transformation

Innovation & Growth

Strategy & Emerging Trends

Awareness & Thought Leadership

Strategic  introductions

Business development

For Executives

Advance your career

Grow your personal network

Improve your personal brand

Solutions to your top priorities

Collaborate with peer executives

Build new areas of domain expertise

For Companies & Regions Outside Silicon Valley

Create a presence in Silicon Valley

Accelerate regional innovation

Strategic introductions

Business development

Maximize Silicon Valley visits

Focus Areas


Healthcare  |  Energy  |  Media / Enertainment  |  Education  |  Retail  |  Advertising  |  Financial Services  |  Automotive / Transportation


Cloud  |  Social  |  Mobile  |  Analytics and Big Data  |  Security  |  Storage  |  IoT Collaboration  |  High Performance Computing  |  Data Center  |  IT Infrastructure


CEO   |  CFO  |   CMO  |  CTO  |  CIO  |  COO  |  Board Member  |  Emerging Executive

Our Differentiation


There is no organization similar to ours.

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1. Private & Invitation-only

Our network is completely private and invitation-only for leading companies, executives, and thought leaders.  We put an intense quality filter on who participates, insuring that executives who engage do not have hidden motives.  

2. Intelligent Design

We are not a random collection of people and companies.  Our network was designed for synergy to accelerate business and innovation for the core DNA of the Innovation Ecosystem, the Global 2000, and regions around the world .

3. Trusted Advisor Status

We have established deep trust across all of the core constituents.  We act as a trusted advisor to help executives and companies with their most critical problems and opportunities by harnessing the community.

4. Agnostic Collaboration

We do not let companies control the content of our discussions or other efforts, but we do want them to participate.  Our goal is to execute agnostic and neutral thought leadership to clarify emerging trends.

5. Proactive and Intelligent capabilities

While business value can be random and serendipitous, we have developed capabilities to proactively help executives and companies using data intelligence and technology platforms.

6. Multi-dimensional (40+ focus areas)

Individually focused vertical or functional groups have difficulty addressing complex problems in todays environment that require multiple vectors and collaboration.  Our strength is our focus across Industries, Technologies, and CXO Roles.

7. Critical Mass

An individual or small group can only accomplish so much on their own.  We have achieved critical mass with respect to bringing leading executives, companies, and thought leaders into our trusted community.

Inquire for Eligibility

SVEN is private and invitation-only. Explore the opportunity for you and your company to participate in our special community.