Our Vision

Completely transform the way private business networks accelerate the success
of leading companies and executives.


  • The Challenge

    Companies and executives in today’s environment are faced with significant pressures, specifically:

    • the increased pace of business
    • shortened windows of market opportunity
    • the need to prevent insular thinking
    • the demand for continuous innovation
    • the need to stay competitive
  • The Opportunity

    To address critical business needs in ways they cannot do on their own, companies and executives are looking to leverage their extended networks more than ever before

    Why? Because human networks have a broader reach than any individual or even the largest company, and are not burdened by internal agendas or politics

  • The Solution

    The extended networks of executives and companies, both online and traditional, continue to lack what is necessary to accelerate synergy and opportunities.

    But when a network is organized, intelligent, and proactive, the results can be powerful…

    Read below to understand why SVEN is the answer.

SVEN differentiators

  • 1. Private and exclusive

    SVEN is a private, invitation-only group for the leading companies and senior executives in the high tech ecosystem and global 2000 who are carefully selected and invited to insure they are part of the overall mission and vision, and without hidden agendas

  • 2. Trusted advisor

    We are a trusted adviser for the entire network to assess the needs of our executives and companies. We look for win-win opportunities and other synergy to address those needs within or even outside the network.

  • 3. intelligent design

    SVEN is an intelligent design of the key entities that make up the core DNA of high tech and global 2000, who each have dependencies on each other for success. We tie these groups together and accelerate the key opportunities within the ecosystem

  • 4. Multi-dimensional

    Our focus on technologies, industries, and CXO roles is one of a kind and enables a multi-dimensional approach to discussions, opportunities, and emerging trends which are needed in today’s complex environment that cannot be solved by single focused groups

  • 5. Agnostic and Collaborative

    SVEN does not allow individual companies to control our programming and agenda. We are agnostic. We instead help companies understand how to share their thought leadership in collaborative ways that more effectively augment the standard sales and marketing approach

  • 6. Critical mass

    SVEN has 1000+ CXO/VP executives from 500+ companies (and growing) in key areas of technology, industry, and CXO roles. We are continuing to build out the most unique business network, which started with Silicon Valley, but has current efforts growing domestically and globally

  • 7. Proactive and intelligent

    SVEN acts like a “scout” and uses data intelligence given to us by our members to match opportunities, partnerships, and other areas of synergy, including ideas that our companies and executives would not have been able to identify on their own


CXO/VP Tech Executives & their companies
Early Stage Startups & Serial Entrepreneurs
Domain Experts & Distinguished Engineers
Investors (Angels, Venture Capitalists, Growth Capital)
Global 2000 Companies & their senior executives
Leading Academic & Research institutions and individuals
Former CXO/VP Tech Executives who continue to be active (investors, board members, mentors, etc)


Clarify emerging trends

Holding 40+ annual private, invitation-only events in collaboration with domain experts and leading companies, facilitated in an agnostic format

Accelerate business

Acting as a trusted advisor and intelligently connecting synergy within the entire network

Shape strategy and innovation

Facilitating private advisory sessions with leading domain experts who have no bias, leading to real changes of strategy for profound impact

Enable thought leadership

Using an agnostic approach that is more accepted and preferred within the CXO suite than the standard sales and marketing methods

create long lasting business relationships

By cross pollinating the core DNA of high tech with with a blend of premium business and social events
where relationships can flourish for a lifetime


Business leader, C-suite executive, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, domain expert, service provider.


An intellgient network that connects individuals, businesses, and ideas to accelerate solutions and innovation.


If you are standing still you will be left behind. Get intelligently connected today.


SVEN was created in 2007 by a native of Silicon Valley with a deep understanding of its ecosystem and a veteran of some its most innovative high tech companies.

The vision was to cross-pollinate the core DNA of high tech using an “intelligent design” to completely transform how leading companies and executives clarify emerging trends, shape strategy, and accelerate business synergy.

Companies and executives must be connected in a much more proactive and intelligent way than they are today. SVEN is in the process of creating that transformation through a combination of traditional means, data intelligence, and new platforms.

Although formed in Silicon Valley as the means to leverage the world’s leading innovation hub to initiate the initial vision, SVEN is expanding domestically and internationally, creating a more globally connected business network.

A key part of the original culture to start the group was the concept of “net give”, which means that the executives who joined the group looked to how they could help the network before thinking about the benefit to themselves. This theme continues to be a critical part of the culture of SVEN to this day.

Brian Reynard is the Founder & CEO of SVEN. He feels the advances and innovations in the computer networking have not have not been realized in human business networks…and the opportunities are endless.

Transform. Empower. Enrich.

Get intelligently connected

If you qualify for our group get in touch with us. We will explain more specifically all the benefits of being an active participant in SVEN offers. Or if you want to read more on how to get engaged just click the button.