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Founder, CEO // SVEN

Brian Reynard, founder and CEO of SVEN, is a lifelong native of Silicon Valley and has spent 20+ years working with, and in, some of its leading companies.  His vision was to build a human network that could transform the acceleration of business and innovation by enabling executives to help their industry peers with their biggest challenges and opportunities, and optimize it using technology platforms and data intelligence. He has spent a lifetime growing this private community and building trust with its leading executives.  His in depth understanding of Silicon Valley as a “complex system” makes him one of the leading experts in the area of regional innovation and human business networks. Brian believes the advances and innovations with “computer networks” have not yet been realized in “human business networks” – and the opportunities are endless.

Our Board


CMO // Rambus 


Internationally experienced design-led marketing executive with repeated company turn-around and general management background. Advance degreed psychologist and user experience product/service design expert, board member and advisor. 


Head of Product // Google


Known as an entrepreneurial C-level executive, my expertise is driving change by setting business vision and driving solid execution, achieving innovation and business transformation in global IT:
– Experience includes 20+ years of international management and executive-level strategic program and engagement management in high-growth High Tech companies in U.S. and Europe
– Deep subject matter expertise and experience in CX, Customer Success and Professional Services
– Successful track record in business development for IT product and services including large deal management of $100M+ deals
– Extensive background in creating and managing partner relationships including the setup and execution of complex commercial models such as Joint Ventures
– Recognized as a successful and personable leader to spearhead cross-functional and global Business Transformation


CVP Security // Microsoft

Recognized by Forbes as “CMO Next” one of 50 Marketing Chiefs redefining the role and shaping the future of marketing. Recognized as Top 25 women in Cyber Security by the Software Review. Recognized as 10 Best CMOs of 2019 by Silicon Review. 2018 Woman of the Year finalist by Women in IT Awards.


VP Operations // Cisco


Operational, Finance, & Divisional Leader with 17 years’ experience as an Executive in the Industrial Internet of Things, SW Platform, & Network Equipment businesses. Primary successes include general management, finance, account management, manufacturing, HW & SW development, professional services, world-wide distribution, product quality, technical support, project management, strategic sourcing and cost reduction.


CEO // BrainChip


Mr. Hehir’s track record of organizational development, strategic alliances, and go-to-market programs have driven revenue growth for large technology organizations, including HP, Compaq, and Fusion-io. As a relationship-builder, he has executed programs and partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Oracle, Cisco, SAP, and Accenture.


CMO // PeremeterX

Passionate go-to-market executive with unique combination of product marketing, brand building and high-tech sales experience. Provide customer-focused marketing leadership for B to B technology companies during transformational periods, resulting in customer momentum, influencer recognition and revenue growth. Big picture, metrics-oriented professional known for working collaboratively across functions to achieve scale. Entrepreneurial attitude with enterprise experience.


President // Cunningham Collective


Andy Cunningham is the founder and president of Cunningham Collective, a marketing, brand and communication strategy firm dedicated to bringing innovation to market. She is also the author of Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition (McGraw-Hill), and the host of the popular podcast Marketing Over Ice. An entrepreneur at the forefront of marketing, branding, positioning and communicating “The Next Big Thing,” Andy has played a key role in the launch of a number of new technology categories and products (including the Apple Macintosh) over the past 35 years.


Principal // SignalFire


I am a product and marketing professional that specializes in growth and lead/demand generation at early/mid stage startups. I have significant experience in growth marketing, GTM, lead/demand gen, marketing automation (Marketo, Eloqua, SalesForce), product marketing strategy, AR, PR, content generation/proliferation, social, customer success marketing and more. I love public speaking, working with early stage founders, and problem solving.


Co-founder // Focus Opportunity Fund

30+ years in the Venture Capital Community, serving in roles such as Managing Director, General Partner and currently as Co-Founder and General Partner of Focus Ventures and Focus Opportunity Fund.


SVP Customer Success // Autodesk

Brian Reynard, founder and CEO of SVEN, is a lifelong native of Silicon Valley and spent 20+ years in some of its most innovative companies. Having spent the last 10+ years creating this unique human network, he has an unparalleled understanding of the inner workings of Silicon Valley and the Innovation Ecosystem.

He has built a deep trust and relationships across all of its core constituents based on the core values and mission.

SVEN was designed to accelerate business and innovation by orchestrating the intersection of best of Silicon Valley in terms of people, programs, and services.

Brian believes that the advances and innovations with “computer networking” have not yet been realized in “human business networks” – and the opportunities are endless.


Chief Marketing Officer // Mocana

Top 50 CMO by Forbes Magazine & CEO World. Top 50 CMO Global Social Influencer, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. Brand & Digital Visionary, 2015, 2016, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of the Year, 2017, 2018.

Expert Digital Marketer to C-Suite. CTO, CIO, CFO, CMO and SMBs, Broad Tenure in SaaS and Global Enterprise, B2B and B2C


Chairman // SmartStory Technologies

Christopher DiGiorgio is a 35 year veteran of Silicon Valley with a broad range of technology, industry and consulting expertise. He spent over 30 years at Accenture in many roles in leadership, complex large sales, enterprise transformation and information systems. He is currently on the boards of private enterprise technology companies.


Director, Business Development
// Amazon Web Services


Managing Director //
Silicon Valley Data Capital

Managing Director at Silicon Valley Data Capital. Board Member at Khan Academy. Board member at CBRE


CEO // Scalyr

Christine Heckart is a C-suite executive with experience on both sides of the board table. She brings over twenty-five years of experience in the technology industry having held a variety of leadership roles including COO, GM, president, and CMO in industries that include network, storage, digital infrastructure, music and video, and consulting.


CSO, Automation Anywhere

 Our History

Silicon Valley Executive Network was launched in 2007 by a life long Silicon Valley native with a deep understanding of its environment and experience in some of its most innovative companies. 

It was then seeded with a group of select executives and companies that make up the “core DNA” of the Innovation Ecosystem, who then helped it to grow to its critical mass in the present day. 


Our Logo originates from the symbol of a “router” in computer networking, which transformed how systems and data connect, and eventually changed the world as we know it with the growth of the internet.

The innovations in computer networking can be applied to human networks, where SVEN is the “router” and the individuals and companies are the “nodes” on the network…and the possibilities are endless.

Interactive Timeline

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Formed by Silicon Valley native Brian Reynard

Formed by Silicon Valley native Brian Reynard during his 15-year tenure at Cisco to showcase the ability for human networks to transform how companies accelerate business and innovation.

Potential of human networks

Cisco’s major role in the development of computer networks and the growth of the internet is a direct parallel to SVEN and the potential of human networks.

SVEN begins with a specially selected group

SVEN begins with a select group that represent the “core DNA” of the Innovation Ecosystem, consisting of CXO/VP high tech executives, distinguished engineers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists across numerous Silicon Valley companies and firms.

SVEN begins holding various private summits and social events

SVEN begins holding various private summits and social events to clarify emerging trends across numerous areas of industry and technology, leveraging the broad expertise of its members to hold collaborative and agnostic discussions

SVEN becomes it’s own entity

SVEN spins out of Cisco to become its own entity and achieve its maximum potential, adopting the network symbol for “router” as part of its logo in homage of its


Transform how human networks accelerate business and innovation.




Accelerate business synergy

Shape strategy & clarify emerging trends

Drive innovation & business transformation

Create & strengthen key relationships

Our Differentiation


There is no organization similar to ours.

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1. Private & Invitation-only

Our network is completely private and invitation-only for leading companies, executives, and thought leaders.  We put an intense quality filter on who participates, insuring that executives who engage do not have hidden motives.  

2. Intelligent Design

We are not a random collection of people and companies.  Our network was designed for synergy to accelerate business and innovation for the core DNA of the Innovation Ecosystem, the Global 2000, and regions around the world .

3. Trusted Advisor Status

We have established deep trust across all of the core constituents.  We act as a trusted advisor to help executives and companies with their most critical problems and opportunities by harnessing the community.

4. Agnostic Collaboration

We do not let companies control the content of our discussions or other efforts, but we do want them to participate.  Our goal is to execute agnostic and neutral thought leadership to clarify emerging trends.

5. Proactive and Intelligent capabilities

While business value can be random and serendipitous, we have developed capabilities to proactively help executives and companies using data intelligence and technology platforms.

6. Multi-dimensional (40+ focus areas)

Individually focused vertical or functional groups have difficulty addressing complex problems in todays environment that require multiple vectors and collaboration.  Our strength is our focus across Industries, Technologies, and CXO Roles.

7. Critical Mass

An individual or small group can only accomplish so much on their own.  We have achieved critical mass with respect to bringing leading executives, companies, and thought leaders into our trusted community.

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